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The fabric of illusion has many threads

Many colors

Gather and carried

Along the journey of life

Veiling us from our uniqueness

And from our destined path

The fabric of illusion

Shrouds us in fear, disillusionment,

Worry, anxiety, violation, self-doubt

Self-judgment, victimization and banishment,

Resounding labels and opinions that mess with our head

Placed upon us by others

Who see us as they think we are or ought to be

And not who we truly are

The fabric of illusion

Influences us both negatively and positively

As we discern what is relevant and true

And what is not

Embracing all attributes within our being

For the process of evolution and transformation

When one stands long upon the journey

Especially during the dark night of soul

We realize it is where learning takes place

Where the realization that all the hurt

That bruises us emotionally, physically and spiritually

Can only hurt and manifest within us, if we let it do so

We cannot control the actions and opinions of others

because they are based on understandings of misunderstandings

But we can control how we react

By setting our mind on higher aspirations

Rather then on lower earthly temporal ones

We realize that we need to accept and to forgive these trespasses

And move beyond what is afflicting us for healing

When we stand long within the darkness of illusion

The sun rises

Embracing us with inner peace and harmony

Because “peace be with you” is what the son wanted for all of us

We also find that our inner strength, perseverance and courage rises

As the colored threads collected and woven into the fabric of illusion

Begin to fray, fade and fall away

In its place

Is a stronger, peace-filled you in mind, body and soul/spirit

Wearing a new cloak

Shrouded in light and love

The true cloak of your being

That is unique to you

Revealing a new destiny

And a new path of service to the enlightened one.

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Rain Coats

Published December 2, 2013 by eagle7soar3

Rain1 Rain2 Rain3

Rain coats

Meadows, hills and valleys

Rain coats

Wild flowers, sacred herbs and grasses

Rain coats

The leaves upon the trees

Rain coats

The earth providing her with nourishment

Rain coats

The birds of flight whilst stopping to dry their wings upon shaded trees

Rain coats

Our four legged friends shaking off excess water to keep from

Getting drenched and cold

Rain coats

Lakes, rivers and streams

Replenishing the water for ducks, fish, plants,

And to quench the thirst of travelers

Rain coats

The lands, the trees, the plants, the flowers, the grasses, the animals

And all those venturing under the pure heavenly waters

For life not only evolves with the sun, the moon and the stars

It evolves with the rain




Sustaining and cleansing

Raincoats are not man-made

They are nature made.

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The Nectar of Life

Published November 24, 2013 by eagle7soar3


Most of you are aware who have been following the Eagle Breath Woman blog, that she began a journey of faith, healing and spirituality in her 27th   year.  In the 10th year of her journey, she had one of the most extraordinary religious/mystical experiences of her life to date.  It is something that she will never forget and has documented.  She has been documenting all her experiences for the past several years since her journey began.  All though she still has much to learn, her faith, her love and her strength emotionally and spiritually is deeply connected to her Beloved and always will be.  She is currently working on a book about her journey towards faith, healing and spiritually and her experiences that have spanned a period of more than eighteen years. She continues to learn and evolve in mind, body and spirit to this day.

Her 11th year anniversary of this extraordinary event is on December 4th.  It is a sacred day for her. In honor of this anniversary, she would like to share with you one her poems to her Beloved.  Her healing journey was her most prolific time as a writer and she has many poems to share. It is only through voice of the poet where one can experience the true essence of the One that touches her so profoundly and always will.

The Nectar of Life

O’ Gracious Lord, how sweet thou nectar is, for it is the river of life that flows within, it is the light that guides her path, it is the wisdom that nourishes her body, her soul, and her mind, it is the bread of life, it is the wine of truth that quenches her thirst, it protects her from temptations and leads her not into evil, it is the warmth of love that holds your daughter close when she becomes disillusioned by life and is taken the farthest from you, it is the healing presence in her life and for all, it is the wisdom that teaches, it is the love that embraces, encompasses, nourishes, consumes, brings peace and healing, for you O’ Gracious Lord, are the nectar, the source of life itself, through which your daughter is nourished, loved, lives , blossoms and evolves according to your will, for without you O’ Gracious Lord, she would still be lost and would have never known how precious, sweet and divine you truly are.  she grateful, she is humbled that you O’ Holy One, Father, found your child, one of many and brought her, your daughter, home, for you are the nectar, the source of life, the spirit of love and wisdom and you are with her always as she is with you now and forevermore.

Peace is with you all.

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The lenses from which to view

Require no camera or film

For no photograph can capture the true

Essence of snow capped mountains

Of a majestic eagle soaring across a sky so blue

Of grand and mighty cascading water falls

Of lush green meadows and valleys

Decorated with wildflowers and herbs

Of a dancing aspen grove

Of Shimmering sunlit, moonlit lakes

Of a rushing white river

Of a calm lazy meandering stream

Of a mother and her fawn quietly eating amongst the trees

Of a moose sauntering by a moonlit lake

Of a young red fox drinking fresh rainwater

Or gazing upon glittering diamond-like lakes

Surrounded by islands with trees of golden russet hues

Of waltzing lights across the autumn sky

Of the rising sun awakening sleepy mountain lakes

Of mountaintops ablaze in the setting sun

Of the luminous rising moon comforting those who wish to rest

Such wonders captured and embraced

The essence of what is

All which was not seen through the lens of a camera

But through the lenses of thine eyes.

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I recently attended a Toastmaster’s meeting and the introduction speech was focused on the word “Champion” and a “Champion” means “to be heard”.   After hearing and listening to the speech, I finally realized what the parable of “Elkhorn” symbolized.

The parable of Elkhorn was given to me during meditation by my spirit guide, Eagle Wind.

There once was a young man whose voice fell soft among his tribe.  One day while he was walking through the woods, the rivers spoke and the streams whispered to him as he danced upon Mother Earth with quiet feet.  There before him was a majestic “wapiti” or elk.  While offering the Elk sage and cedar, he asked the elk for forgiveness and then took an arrow from his quiver and felled the elk.   He built a fire and ceremonially honored the elk for sacrificing its life to help feed and clothe his people.  The elk would also give him a voice.  For three days and three nights he carved his horn until it was finished.  He then made a yoke from sturdy branches, tied the elk to it and carried the elk home to his tribe.  When he reached his home, he sounded his horn and everyone gathered around him.  The Elders named him, “Man with elk horn”.   “Man with elk horn” was no longer silent for he now had a voice that would transcend time, just like yours.

This is the parable of Elkhorn as spoken to me in meditation by my spirit guide Eagle Wind.  We can all relate to the parable of Elkhorn because we all want to be heard.  Each one of us is important and we all have wisdom, messages and stories to share that may help others who are struggling through the passages of life.  No matter where we are in the world, we are all interconnected and we are all here to help one another through innate wisdom or knowledge gleaned through lessons of life.

In these difficult times, we need to be inspired from the voices like “Man with Elkhorn”.  We also need to be compassionate, loving and kind.  Most of all, we need to listen.  Being able to listen and to be present with compassion and without  judgment is one of greatest gifts  that you can give another person. Like Elkhorn, we all need to be heard.

Do you have an inspiring story of healing that you would like to share?    Join me Eagle Breath Woman in helping to bring a sense of healing to others through stories, words of wisdom, poetry or song.  You can start your own blog and be a source of inspiration, a “champion” for others who need an elk horn. You can also submit your stories to eaglebreathhealing@gmail.com and I will post them on the Eagle Breath Woman blog.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change, you want to see in the world,” so let us together build a bridge to help others navigate the chasms of life for a greater sense of peace, wholeness and well-being.

Remember “change” and healing begins with us first.  Not only will we become a source of inspiration for others, we will become sources of inspiration for ourselv

Mitakuye Oyasin, (To All My Relations)

Eagle Breath Woman


“Healing the mind, body & spirit through storytelling”

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Merlin Moon

It is the eve of Samhuinn (pronounced Sah-wen) or All Hallows Eve or Halloween. You may call this time by any name you would like.  I prefer to use the Celtic word for Halloween because of its strong connection to the British Isles.  I am certain that I resided there in another lifetime and that story is for another time.

Samhuinn is also a time for the process of transformation in mind, body and spirit and letting go of all the negativity that no longer serves us.  Negativity in all forms puts undo stress on our minds, bodies and spirits.  And that is something that we do not need.  We should always be striving for good health mentally, physically and spiritually.  It all goes hand and hand.

It is also a time when mystic death and rebirth, which relates back to process of transformation, can happen.  This is something that I, myself, am well aware of as well. It will be ten years this coming December 4th.

Samhuinn is a time of reinvention. Another topic that I am and all my readers are familiar with.  We are always in the process of reinvention, transformation and evolution in mind, body and spirit.  Eagle Breath Healing is currently going through a reinvention.

It is time to go into your sacred space, light candles and sit in stillness or with soft relaxing music playing while you reflect, give thanks and gratitude to nature, animals, loved ones and friends who nourish you, bring beauty and peace into your life.  Do not forgot loved ones, including pets, who have passed and how their love touched and embraced your life.  Remember they are still around you guiding, loving and watching over you.  Although you may not be able to see them, know that they are with you including your pets.

My beloved Sampson who passed away early spring is still with me.  I will often his spirit around the house. I acknowledge him with a ‘hello’.

This morning, I made an altar and put pictures of  my grandmother, my father and all my pets and lit a candle in remembrance to them. I invite you to do the same.

Samhuinn is a time to be still, reflect inward and begin anew. Become one with all that is and you will discover how interconnected everything is.  Know that you, too, are a co-creator with the universe filling the world with loving and peaceful energy to help make this better for all.

If you would like to learn more about Celtic Spirituality, there are two books I recommend.  I referred to them for this post.  The Healing Power of Trees by Sharlyn Hidalgo and The Path of Druidry by Penny Billington.



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Harvest moon

Lights her way

Surrounded earthy hues and cool breezes

Talking lakes, rivers and streams

As the free spirit

The child of autumn roams

Awakened from stillness

As wolves howl resounds within her being

Drawn to the woodlands

She dances among fallen leaves of red and orange

Walks barefoot upon the cool green grass and pebbled path

Whilst birds serenade

Reconnecting with Mother Earth

Once again, the spirit of the wolf enchants her being

As she steps into a way of life taking with her lessons of




Nurturing her to establish order and harmony

Because true freedom requires discipline

As she begins anew

Growing, adapting and evolving

With the inner fire like the eyes of the wolf

Despite all that has been thrown onto and into her path

She learned to defend, to adapt and to keep moving forward

Keeping her integrity

Embracing the West winds

The winds of change

The path of growth and transformation

She knows that through stillness

He will lead her to the bridges that navigate and transcend the chasms of life

Through intuition, trust, faith and developing senses, she the omega wolf

Will find her way by adapting to the waters of change

within a new world from whence she left

To become an Alpha wolf that fulfills her soul’s purpose

She will grow, thrive and evolve upon journey of the pathfinder

Because the spirit of the wolf

Her loyal guardian and teacher will always reside within her.

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